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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I need to bring my own container?

No. We provide buckets to pick in, lined with plastic bags to take your berries home!

Are dogs allowed?

For the safety and comfort of all of our customers, dogs are not allowed on the property. Exceptions may be made for registered service animals.

Is there an access fee?


How much does the blueberry/strawberry U-pick cost?

Price varies per season and fruit.

Do you subtract the weight of the bucket when weighing picked berries?


What are the rules of the U-Pick?

Please be respectful to all employees and customers on the farm. Do not throw or play with the berries when picking on the farm. Only pick the berries that you want to purchase. Please be cautious when picking to avoid damage to the plants.

Can I pick the tree fruit?

No. We do have some cherry, apple, peaches, plums, etc. They are for the employees to pick and will be available in store when in season.

What are the hours?

Hours vary, please check website, Facebook, or Google the day before coming.

Is Bulldog Berries accessible to disabled and elderly people?

Everyone is welcome at Bulldog Berries. Please speak to one of our staff members for any special request or accommodations.

Is there a bathroom?

Yes. There is an outhouse located on the property.

What varieties of blueberries does the farm have?

Duke, Blueray, Bluejay, Draper, Bonus, Berkley, Northland, Jersey, Elliot, BlueCrop. Feel free to ask a staff member what variety is being picked and sold today.

Is there a Strawberry U-Pick?

Please check our Facebook, website, or Google for hours of operation and availability for strawberries.

What method of crop protection do you use?

We ONLY apply crop protection when absolutely necessary and only apply the minimal effective amount to protect our crop. The pest we are looking for consist mainly of: Spotted Wing Drosophila, Cranberry fruit worm, and blueberry maggot worm. The pest can be extremely detrimental to our crop, both the health of the bush and fruit itself. The crop protection we apply is approved by the EPA and only used within the guidelines they provide.

If we close due to weather or fruit ripening we will post information on our Facebook, Website, Google, and phone voicemail.


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